33rd Annual Crib Tournament 
2016 Sponsors
Crib Boards supplied by
Fab-u-tech Industries Inc.
Ja-Co Welding & Consulting Ltd.
Cards supplied by
Halliburton / Sperry Drilling
Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd.
The Edmonton OTS executive and the tournament participants
greatly appreciate the sponsors' generous donation.
2016 Winners
Event Standing Name Company
Simon Stelfox

Dustin Jackson

Hi-Tech Seals Inc.

Hi-Tech Seals Inc.

Second Anthony Olivares

Darren Stocks
WesternOne Inc.

Hilong Petropipe Co. Ltd.
Third Vivian Gamache

Lisa Neddow

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd.

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd.

Derek Roiss

Scott Gramlich

DynoMax Drilling Tools Inc.

DynoMax Drilling Tools Inc

Second Dave Nichols

JiMarcie Nichols

Thread Protectors Specialties & Recycling Ltd.

Thread Protectors Specialties & Recycling Ltd.

Third Chris Hughes

Richard Schultz
Control Drilling Service (1987) Ltd.
Craig Ferguson

Darren Wilson

PV Fluid Products Ltd.

Pacesetter Directional Drilling Ltd.


Jerry MacAllister

Kenny Reinhart

Third Drew Schofield

Brian Betts
M & Z Industrial Supply Ltd.


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