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OTS Board of Directors

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1951 Jack Gallagher

Dome Petroleum Ltd.
Jack Gallagher
1952 Vern 'Dry Hole' Hunter

Imperial Oil Limited
Vern Hunter
1953 Bland Woofer

Bland Woofer
1954 C. William 'Bill' Daniel

Shell Oil
Bill Daniel
1955 Bud Kelly

Imperial Oil Limited
1956 Jim Warke

Mobil Oil
1957 Ben Payne

Sun Oil
1958 Jack Leask

Tennessee Gas Transmission
1959 Sid Thorne

Mobil Oil
1960 Stu Armstrong

California Standard Co.
1961 Labbie LaBerge

Imperial Oil Limited
1962 Jim Bonsall

Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.
1963 Norm Clarke

Skelly Oil Company
1964 Gordon Rowan

Eskimo Fracturing & Well Servicing
Gordon Rowan
1965 Carl Guthrie

Guthrie McLaren Drilling Ltd.
Carl Guthrie
1966 Doug Eastcott

Barber Machinery Co. Ltd.
Doug Eastcott
1967 Larry Wickens

Carroll Oilfield Enterprises Ltd.
Larry Wickens
1968 Trevor Cuthill

Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.
Trevor Cuthill
1969 Les Christie

Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.
1970 Lawrence Homer

Commonwealth Drilling Co. Ltd.
1971 John Petrie

Peter Kiss Oilfield Construction Ltd.
John Petrie
1972 Jack DeCook

Rig Service & Rentals Ltd.
Jack DeCook
1973 Jim Davidson

S & T Drilling (Western) Co. Ltd.
1974 Garnet Edwards

Tubetest Service Ltd.
Garnet Edwards
1975 John Roskey

Cameron Iron Works of Canada Ltd.
John Roskey
1976 Gordon Heddleston

Kenting Petrolia Drilling Ltd.
Gordon Heddleston
1977 F. Lee Murdock, Jr.

Murdock Production Equipment Ltd.


Jack Savage

Amoco Canada Pertroluem Co. Ltd.
Jack Savage
1980 Allan Rasmuson

Amoco Canada Pertroluem Co. Ltd.
1981 Elmer Goulet

Shaw Pipe Protection Ltd.
Elmer Goulet
1982 Stanley Kondratiuk

Amoco Canada Pertroluem Co. Ltd.
Stan Kondratiuk
1983 Ernie Lucenko

Superior Inspection Services Ltd.
Ernie Lucenko


Douglas White

LRG Catering Ltd.
Doug White
1986 Jim Rutherford

Imperial Oil Limited
Jim Rutherford


Rick Kautz

Capital Oilfield Equipment Ltd.
Rick Kautz
1989 Henry Kilbach

Columbia Oilfield Supply Ltd.
Henry Kilbach
1990 John 'Mac' Miller

Chimo Equipment Ltd.
Mac Miller
1991 Dave Kastelic

Premium Pipe Services Ltd.
Dave Kastelic
1992 Myron Yurko

Canuck Well Servicing Ltd.
Myron Yurko
1993 Darrel Bohlender

Western Rock Bit Co. Ltd.
Darrel Bohlender
1994 Cam Miller

Zeta Oilfield Rentals Ltd.
Cam Miller
1995 Don Criss

Nowsco Well Service Ltd.
Don Criss
1996 Bill Klotz

Topco Oilsite Products Ltd.
Bill Klotz
1997 Gary Fortier

PTI Group
Gary Fortier
1998 Tim Reynar

Sperry Sun Drilling Services of Canada
Tim Reynar
1999 Doug Kilbach

Columbia Oilfield Supply Ltd.
Doug Kilbach
2000 Roger Boisvert

Guardian Oilfield Services
Roger Boisvert
2001 Dan Zimmer

Black Max Downhole Tools Ltd.
Dan Zimmer
2002 Bill Hodges

Smith International Canada Ltd.
Bill Hodges
2003 Jim Needham

Remote Site Services Consulting
Jim Needham
2004 Gil Bourgeois

Corion Diamond Products Ltd.
Gil Bourgeois
2005 Paul Wilson

T3-Oilco Services & Supply
Paul Wilson
2006 Barry Moore

Decarson Rentals
Barry Moore
2007 Gordon Little

Flint Energy Tubular Management
Gord Little
2008 Lorne Stayko

Cole International Inc.
Lorne Stayko
2009 Dan Sly

Elite Camp Services Inc.
Dan Sly
2010 Mark Hilton

Hood Group of Companies
Mark Hilton
2011 Myron Myroon

My-Dawn Financial
Myron Myroon
2012 Robert Boyne

Halliburton / Sperry Drilling.
2013 Craig Ferguson

PV Fluid Products Ltd.
2014 Kelly Collison

Summit Tubulars
2015 Shane Lindsay

Paradox Access Solutions
2016 Darrell Spencer

2017 Derrick Zimmer

Command Drilling Products Ltd
2018 Dan St. Germain

National Oilwell Varco
2019 Trevor Barker

High Arctic Energy Services
2020 Colin Spencer

Shaw's Enterprises Ltd.

OTS Board of Directors

If you have pictures of any of the past presidents whose pictures are missing, please contact OTS.
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