The 2008 Membership included

the following companies:

Abraxus Construction Group LP

Academy Petroleum Industries

Accurate Oilfield Supply Ltd.

Acklands-Grainger Inc.

AGS Group Inc.


Akita Drilling Ltd.

Al Carson Consulting

Alco Inc.

Alice Embroidery

Allen's Transport Ltd.

Alta-Fab Structures Ltd.

AOG International

Apollo Machine & Welding Ltd.

Argus Machine Co. Ltd.

Armor Machine & Manufacturing Ltd

Armor Machine & Manufacturing Ltd.

ASE Consulting Ltd.

Atlas Copco Prime Energy LLC

B Jaess Enterprises Inc.

Baker Hughes INTEQ

Baker Oil Tools

Baker Oil Tools - Fishing Services

Bar-De Transportation (1999) Ltd.

Beaver Drilling Ltd.

Best Gloves

Black Gold Inspection Services Ltd.

Black Ink Enterprises Ltd.

Borealis Energy Services Inc.

Bourg Holdings' Ltd.

BP Canada Energy

Cameron Canada Corporation

Cana West Valve Ltd.

Canadian Lynden Transport

Canadian Mat Systems Inc.

Canadian Pump & Packing Co. Ltd.

Cancen Oil Processors, Inc.

Cando Oilfield Supplies & Rentals Ltd.

CanGlobal Products Ltd.

Cantorque Inc.

Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc.

Cardiff Capital LLP

Cavare Ltd.

Certified Tool & Supplies Ltd.

CF Oilfield Services

Cierra Trucking Ltd.

Cole Freight Inc.

Cole International Inc.

Collar Tech Inspection Ltd.

Columbia Oilfield Supply

Command Energy Rentals

Command Energy Services Ltd.

Commercial Solutions

Communications 2000 Inc.

Con's Energy Services Ltd.

Container King

Continental Chain & Rigging Ltd.

Control Drilling Service (1987) Ltd.

Cougar Tool Inc.

Cratex Industries Inc.

CS & M Pipe Services

Cyclone Drilling Ltd.

D. Boyer Consulting

Daemar Inc.

Decarson Rentals

Departure Energy Services Inc.

DeRose Bros. Meats Ltd.

Direct Horizontal Drilling Inc.

Duane's Hotshot

Duncan Sabine Collyer Partners LLP

D-Valves Ltd.

E & L Pipe Sales

Eagle Creek Consulting Ltd.

Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club

Electronic Control Systems Inc.

Elgert & Company

Eliminator Downhole Tools Inc.

Elite Camp Services

Elite Camp Services Inc.

Encore Metals Inc.


Ensign - Canadian Drilling

Ensign Drilling Inc

Ensign Drilling Partnership

Ensign Energy Services Inc.

EOG Resources, Inc.

Fab-U-Tech Industries Inc.

Falcon Air Systems Ltd.

Fatigue Masters Inspection Ltd.

FI Oilfield Services Canada ULC

Flint Tubular Management Services Ltd.

Flo Draulic West

Fluorotek Inc.

Formation Oilfield Service Ltd.

Fortier & Associates Camp Catering Inc.

Forum - Oilfield Bearing International Inc.

Forum SPD

Fountain Tire - Edmonton Truck Centre

Fresco Painting

Freudenberg-NOK Inc.

G&L Slotco Oilfield Services

G.L.M. Industries L.P.

Garjac Enterprises Ltd.


Gauge Plus Oilfield Services Ltd.

Gemini Machine Shop

Goodall Rubber Company

Goralta Oilfield Supply Ltd.


H.M. Fluid Connectors (1990) Inc.

Halliburton - Sperry Drilling Services

Hallmark Tubulars

Hallmark Tubulars Ltd.

Henley Oilfield Supply Ltd.

Hi Quality Machine & Oilfield Repair Ltd.

Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd.

Hi-Tech Seals Inc.

Holman's Hauling Inc.

Horizon Drilling Inc.

Howard's Transport Services

Hunting Energy Services (Drilling Tools) Ltd

Hurricane Machining & Manufacturing Ltd.

Hydrogen Technologies Inc.

Hyduke Energy Services Inc.

Impact Oilfield Supply Inc.

Import Tool Corporation Ltd.

Indent Oilfield Trucking Ltd.

Infinity Down Hole Tools Inc.

Ja-Co Welding & Consulting Ltd.

Jay-Vee Industries

Jet-Lube of Canada Ltd

Jewel Printing Signs & Labels Ltd.

K & C Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Kane Instrumentation Ltd.

Katch Kanâ„¢ Limited

KDM Oilfield Manufacturing Ltd.

Key B.O.P. Services Ltd.

Kinecor LP

Kos Oilfield Transportation

KOS Oilfield Transportation

Limey's Transport & Consulting Ltd.

Lister Industries Ltd.

Little Guy Oilfield Rentals Inc.

Lock Search Group

Lordoug and Sons Enterprises Ltd.

Lory Oilfield Rentals Inc.

Lougheed Welding & Fabrication (2005) Ltd.

LPH Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

LRG Catering

Lube City Express Oil Change

Lytle Valve Sales & Solutions Ltd.

M & Z Industrial Supply Ltd.

Master Flo Valve Inc

Master Flo Valve Inc.

Mayco Electric Ltd.

Mayco Industries Group

MC2 Holdings

McMath Controls & Automation Inc.

MD Totco NOV

Micoda Process Systems (2008) Inc.

Mullen Oilfield Services LP

My-Dawn Financial

Nabors Canada

Nabors Drilling

Nabors Production Services

National Oilwell Varco

National Oilwell Varco - Downhole Tools

National Oilwell Varco - Marlex

National Trailer Mfg. Ltd.

Norcan Fluid Power

Norwesco Industries (1983) Ltd.

NOV Brandt

NOV Mission Products

NOV Rig Solutions

NOV Tuboscope Canada.

NWT Safety Supplies Ltd.

Oil City Answering Service

OSS Oilfield Equipment Ltd.

Owen Oil Tools

P.V.F. Products Inc.

Pace Oilfield Hauling Inc.

Pacesetter Directional & Performance Drilling

Pacesetter Directional & Performance Drilling

Pacific Hose and Fittings

Pacific Valve Services Inc.

Panama Enterprises (1990) Inc.

Panda Structures Ltd.

Paragon Energy Services

Parma Ventures Inc.

Peco Electrical Ltd.

Performance Oilfield Solutions Ltd.

Phoenix Oilfield Hauling

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd.

PowerComm Inc.

Precision Drilling

Precision Drilling - OSC #2

Prism Flow Products

PTI Premium Camp Services

PTI Travco Modular Structures

PV Fluid Products Ltd.

QA Bearing Technologies

Qualimet Inc.

Quincie Oilfield Products Ltd.

Raydan Manufacturing Inc.

RBC Dominion Securities

Rebel Transport Ltd.

Red-L Distributors Ltd.

Reliable Welding Services

Reliance Hydraulic Systems Ltd.

Reliance Industrial Products Ltd.

RHI Canada Inc.

Rig Products Inc.

Rig Service Tools Ltd.

Rig Tech Services Inc.

Robel Holdings Ltd.

Rock Weld Oilfield Services Ltd.

Rotating Right Inc.

Ryan Energy Technologies

Safety Coordination Services Inc.

Sandy's Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Savage Energy

Saxon Drilling Canada Limited Partnership

Scientific Drilling International

Scomi Oiltools Canada Inc.

Seair Septic Inc.

Servco Oilfield Supply Canada Ltd.

Setco Industries Inc.

Shaw's Enterprises Ltd.

Simrit Oil & Gas

Smith Services

Smith Services - Fishing & Remedial

Smith Services Canada

Snubco Pressure Control Ltd.

Southwest Oilfield Products (Alberta) Ltd.

Stamco Specialty Tool & Mfg. Co. (1979) Ltd.

Stene Bros. Oilfield Hauling Inc.

Stene Bros. Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Stoneham Drilling Inc.

Strad Downhole Services

Strata Energy Services Ltd.

Stu Miller Consulting

Superior Buildings & Design Ltd.

T3 - Oilco Energy Services

Taber Solids Control (1998) Ltd.

Tarra Systems Inc.

Team Rig & Supply Ltd.

The Crossing Company

Thread Protectors Specialties & Recycling Ltd.

Tiger Calcium Services Inc.

Titan Supply LP

TIW Canada Ltd.

TLC Oilfield Transport Ltd.

Topco Oilsite Products Ltd.

Total Modular Solutions Ltd.

Trac Energy Services

Travers / Aramark Remote Services

Tri-Bit Services Ltd.

Trinidad Drilling Ltd.

Tri-Service Oilfield Manufacturing, Ltd.

Twister Welding & Fab. Ltd.

Unalloy - IWRC

Unified Alloys

Unified Valve Ltd.

Uni-Spec Inspection Services (Nova) Limited

Utex Industries Inc.

Vam Canada Inc.

Ward Chemicals Inc.

Weatherford Canada Ltd.

Weatherford Canada Partnership

Weifang Steel Canada Ltd

Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd.

Wes White Transport Ltd.

Western Camp Services Ltd.

Western Silverline Inc.

Westland Energy Services Ltd.

Westlund  - division of Emco Corporation

Wrapex Industrial Services Ltd.

Zambelli's Restaurant

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