316222 Alberta Ltd.

3-D Drilling Tools

A & B Rentals

A. Proche Enterprises Ltd.

Academy Petroleum Ind.

ADL Water Systems Ltd.

AGS Group Inc.

Akita Drilling Ltd.

Alberta Instrument Repair

Alberta Oil Tool Div. of Dover

Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd.

Alberta Wire Cloth Inc.

ALCO Industrial

Amoco Petroleum Canada

Apollo Machine & Welding

Argus Machine Co. Ltd.

Ayers Resources Consult. Ltd.

B.W. Rig Repair & Supply Ltd.

Babco Oilfield Hauling

Bar K Holdings Ltd.

Beaver Drilling Ltd.

Beta Well Service

Bettis Canada Ltd.

Big D Rentals & Sales

Big Guy Oilfield Supply Ltd.

Black Sivalls & Bryson

Brandt Wadeco

Burm's Contracting Ltd.

Camrose Electric Controls Ltd.


Canuck Well Servicing Ltd

Capital Oilfield Equipment Ltd.

CE Franklin

Cole International Inc.

Columbia Oilfield Supply Ltd.


Computorque Canada Ltd.

Control Drilling Service

Cougar Tool Inc.

Coyote Directional Consulting Ltd.

Creative Concepts

Crown Well Servicing Ltd.

CVS Controls

Day's Oilfield Service Ltd.

Derek Inspection Services Ltd.

Doseo Supply (PVF Group)

Double "J" Holdings

Drilex Systems

Ducharme Oilfield Rentals Ltd.

D-Valves Ltd.

E.L. Pipe Sales

Ensign Drilling Inc.

Enterra Canada Limited

Falcon Air Systems Ltd.

FI Oilfield Services Canada Ltd.

Flint Canada Inc.

Formation Oilfield Services Ltd.

Frontier Catering Ltd.

G.L.M. Tanks & Equip. Ltd.

Garjac Enterprises Ltd.

Garstad & Wittingham Reality

GeoRay Oilfield Inspections Ltd.

Goralta Oilfield Supply

Griffith Oil Tool

H.G. Caterers Ltd.

Hanlan Enterprises

HiAlta Well Servicing Ltd.

Hi-Tech Seals Inc.

Imperial Rubber Co. Ltd.

Inland Cement Ltd.

InterProvincial Pipeline Inc.

J.J. Hunter Radiator Inc

J.R Specialty Products Ltd.

Ja-Co Welding & Consulting Ltd.

Jade Drilling Inc.

Jomax Drilling

Jet-Lube of Canada

Kapicki Transportation Services

Koch Exploration

Joyline Trucking Ltd.


Leeway Heavy Oil Ltd.

Kwestor Enterprises Ltd.

Liquid Carbonic Inc.

Live Well Service

Lordoug & Sons Enterprises

Lory Oilfield Rentals

LRG Oilfield Services Ltd.

M.D.R. Investments Ltd.

M/D Totco

Macbernal Recycling Systems

MacKenzie Caterers (1984) Ltd.

Magnum Cat Contractors Ltd.

Marlex Energy Services Inc.

McAvoy Promotions & Sales

McGinnis Rathole

Meridian Specialties

MilCorp Industries Ltd.

Miller Homynyk Keely Assoc

Moberly Agencies

Morgex Insurance Group

My-Dawn Investments

National Oilwell Canada Ltd.

Nabors Drilling Limited

Narco Canada Inc.

NAV Communications Inc.

Newman Hattersley

Nisku Safety Supply & Services

Northwest Transport Ltd.

Norwesco Industries 1983 Ltd.

Norwesco Industries Ltd.

Nowsco Well Service

Nusco Mfg & Supply Ltd.

O.C.I. Oil Country Inspection

ORYX Industries Ltd.

Panama Enterprises Inc.

Petroleum Industry Training Service

Phoenix Energy Services Ltd.

Precision Drilling

Premium Oilfield Inspection

Pringle's Power Swivel Service

Pro-Tech Valve Sales Ltd.

PTI Group Inc.

PV Fluid Products Ltd.

Raydan Transport Ltd.

Rebel Transport Ltd.

Red-L Distributors

Rig Service Equipment Ltd.

Roberts Conductor Cable

Samarae Developments Ltd.

Saturn Drilling Inc.

Servco Oilfield Supply

Sicotte Drilling Tools & Supply

Smith International Canada

Sperry-Sun Drilling Services

Stan Kondratiuk Oilfield Consulting

Stream-Flo Industries Ltd.

Superior Tube Ltd.

Swaco Geolograph

T & A Sales International

Tate Power (1984) Ltd.

Techni-Dyn Polymers Ltd.

Telford Valve & Specialties Inc.

Teris Hydraulics Ltd.

Topco Oil Site Sales Ltd.

Travers Food Service Ltd.

Tri Service Machine

Tri-Alta Oilfield Industries Ltd.

Tri-Bit Services Ltd.

Tru-Gear Services Ltd.

Tuboscope Vetco Canada Inc.

Valseal Ltd.

Van Leevwen Pipe & Tube

Wadeco Oilfield Services Ltd.

Walker Steel div Emeo

Wally's Hotshot Services

Waterous Detroit Diesel Allison Inc.

Weatherford Enterra

Weatherford Homco

Weatherford Oil Tools

Wells-Hall Fabrication

Wes White Transport

Weslen Holdings Ltd.

Western Drill Collar Insp.

Western Rock Bit Company Limited

Western Star Trucks North

Widel Dev. Ltd.

Wilderness Oilfield Consulting

Wire Rope Ind.

Witten Binder

ZCL Composites

ZCL Fiberglass Ltd.




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