470858 Alberta c/o Lube City

872729 Alberta Ltd.

Accurate Oilfield Supply Ltd.

AGS Group Inc.

Akita Drilling

Al Carson Consulting

Alberta Gauge & Driller Service

Alberta Instrument - a Varco Company

Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd.

Alco Hydra-Group

Almac Machine Works Ltd.

Alta-Fab Structures

APE Hotshota

API Valve & Bop Repair

Apollo Machine

Argus Machine Co. Ltd.

Arrow Drilung

BA Directional Services Ltd.

B.W. Rig Repair & Supply

Baker Hughes Inteq

Baker Oil Tools - Fishing Services

Baker Hughes - Centrilift

Bar-De Transportation (1999) Ltd.

Beattie Industrial

Baker SPD

Beaver Drilling Ltd.

BHD Tubular

Beau Cat Contractors

BP Canada Energy

Burlington Resources

Blackmax Downhole Tools

C- Tech Design & Manufaguring

Calfrac Well Services Ltd.

Can Star Industrial

Canadian Select Energy

Can-Con Gas

Cando Oilfield Supply

Can-Drill Services Inc

Canfish Servies Inc.

Capital Oilfield Equipment

Casco Ltd.

Cat Downhole Tools

CCTF - A Division of Emco Limited

CE Franklin Ltd.

Classic Well Servicing Ltd.

CMB Insurance Brokers

Cobra Oilfield Hauling

Cole International Ine.

Columbia Supply

Communications 2000 Ine.

Computorque Canada

Con's Energy Services Ltd.

Container King

Cooper Cameron Valves

Corion Diamond Products

Corus Metals

Creative Cabide Works

Crosly Canada

CS & M Pipe Services

D & L Service & Supply Ltd.

Decarson Rentals (2000) Inc.

Derek Inspection Services Ltd.

Direct Horizontal Drilling Inc

Directional Plus

Dominion Threading Services Ltd.

Dura Energy Inc

D-Valves Ltd.

E.L. Pipe Sales

Ensign Drilling Inc

Evanic Perrault Robertson

Fab-U Tech Industries

Falcon Air Systems Ltd.

FI Oilfield Services Canada Ltd.

First Class Card

FM Fatigue Masters Inspeaton Service

Fountain Tire

Frank Henry Equipment Ltd.

G & LSlotco

Garjac Enterprises Ltd.

Gauge Plus Oilfield Services Ltd.

GLM Tanks & Equipment Ltd.

Global Service Rig & Repair

Goralta Oilfield Supply Ltd.

Grant Prideco Canada

Guardian Inspections

H & H Rubber Products

Halliburton Security DBS

Hallmark Technical Services

Hertz Drilling Inc

Hi-Quality Machine

Hi-Tech Seals Inc

Holmans Hauling Ltd.

Hughes Christensen Canada

Hydra·Group Ltd.

Hydraulic Mechnical Services

Impact Computer Graphics & Printing Ltd.

Impact Oilfield Supply Inc.

Imperial Rubber & Urethane Corp.

Import Tool Corp.

Industrial Exhaust Components

Ja-Co Welding & Consulting Ltd.

Jade Drilling Inc

Jewel Printing

Katt Enterprises

Key Bop Services Ltd.

Kondratliuk Consulting



Lister Industries Ltd.

Lordoug & Sons Enterprises Ltd.

Lory Oilfield Rentals Inc

LPH Industrial

LRG Catering Ltd.

Lyndey Enterprises

Lytle Enterprises Sales & Solutions Ltd.

M & L Indusrrlal Supply

Macbernal Recycling Systems Ltd.

Marlex Energy


Mayco Electric Ltd.

Metset Consulting Ltd.

MHK Insurance Inc

Midfield Supply Ltd.

Midwest Drilling Ltd.

Millennium Satellite Inc

Morgex Insurance

Nabors Drilling - a Division of Nabors Canada

National Oil Well

Norcan Fluid Power

Norpoint Sandblasting & Painting Ltd.

Norwesco Industries

Oilco Services & Supply Ltd.

Oilfield Bearing International Inc.


Oryx Industries Ltd.

Owen Gris Gun

Oxygen Products Ltd.

Pace Oilfield Hauling Ine.

Pacific Valve Services Ine.

Panama Enterprises (1990) Inc.

Pentastar Transportation Ltd.

Petco Oilfield

Phoenix Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Pipeline Piggjng Specialities Ltd.

Power Comm Inc

Precision Drilling

Pringles Power Swivel Service Ltd.

PTI Premium Camp Services

PVF Products Inc

Quincie Oilfield Products

R & R Stress Relieving Services Ltd.

Ramada Inn / Riveria Liquor Store

Raydan Manufaauring Inc

Raydan Transport Ltd.

Rebel Transport Ltd.

Red-L Distributors Ltd.

Reliance Industrial Products

Rig Produm Inc.

Rig Service Tools

Rocky Mountain Energy

Roda Deaco Valve Ltd.

Russel Metals Inc

Seamans Drilling Inc.

Servco Oilfield Supply

Shaw Enterprises Ltd.

Shelemey Insurance

Shepherd Industrial

Smith International

Snubco Pressure Control Ltd.

Source Energy Tool Services Inc

Spanach Construction

Sperry-Sun / Halliburton

SRW Technologies

Stamco Specialty Tool & Mfg Co. (1979) Ltd.

Stene Bros. Contracting Ltd.

Strata Energy Services Inc

Stream Flo Industries Ltd.

Sum Sumay Ltd.

Synergy Projects Ltd.

Tarn Marketing Ltd.

Team Rig & Supply Ltd.

Terry Kennedy Safety Consulting

The Crossing Company Inc.

The Rig Shop Ltd.

The Roughneck Magazine

The Waggoners Trucking

Therma Surge

Titan Logix Group

Titan Supply Inc

TIW Canada

Topco Sales

Travers Food Service

Tri-Bit Services Ltd.

Trican Well Service

Tri-City Drilling

Tri-Service Manufacturing Ltd.

Tuboscope - a Varco Company

Uni-Spec Inspection Services (Nova) Ltd.

United Diamond

Varco Canada Limited

Waggoners Trucking

Waterous Detroit Diesel - Allison


Weatherford Canada Partnership

Wes White Transport Ltd.

Wildcatter News

Wilkinson Steel & Metals

Wire Rope Industries




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