316222 Alberta Ltd.

A & B Rentals

A. Proche Enterprises

ABB Vetco Gray Canada Inc.

Abraxus Construction Group Inc.

Academy Petroleum Industries

AGS Group Inc.

Akita Drilling Ltd.

Alberta Gauge & Driller Service Corp.

Alberta Instrument Ltd.

Alberta Rubber Products Inc.

Alberta Traffic Supply Ltd.

Alberta Wire Cloth, Inc.

ALCO Industrial

Amoco Petroleum Canada

Apollo Machine & Welding Ltd.

Argus Machine Co. Ltd.

Ayers Resources Consult. Ltd.

B.W. Rig Repair & Supply Ltd.

Babco Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Baker Hughes Centrilift

Baker Hughes Inteq

Beaver Drilling Ltd.

Benji's Oilfield

Brandt Wadeco

Burm's Contracting Ltd.

Canadian Pump & Packing Co. Ltd.

Canfish Services Inc.


Canuck Well Servicing Ltd

Capital Jeep Chrysler Inc.

Capital Oilfield Equipment

CE Franklin

Chimo Equipment

CMB Insurance Brokers

Cole International Inc.

Columbia Oilfield Supply Ltd.

Communications 2000 Inc.


Computorque Canada Ltd.

Con's Mfg. & Energy Services Ltd.

Construction Safety Coordination Services

Control Drilling Service

Cougar Tool Inc.

Coyote Directional Consulting Ltd.

Creative Carbide Works Ltd.

CSI Coating Systems

Decarson Rentals Inc.

Derek Inspection Services Ltd.

Ducharme Oilfield Rentals

Dura Energy Inc.

D-Valves Ltd.

E.L. Pipe Sales 

ED.L. Consulting Ltd.

Energy Leasing

Enhanced Energy Services

Ensign Drilling Inc.

Evancic Perrault Robertson

Explosives Limited

Faster Oilfield Services Inc.

Formation Oilfield Services Ltd.

Framar Ltd.

Frank Henry Equipment (1987) Ltd.

Frontier Catering

G&L Slotco Oilfield Services Ltd.

Garjac Enterprises Ltd.

Garstad & Wittingham Reality

Geopetrol International Ltd.

GLM Tanks & Equipment Ltd.

Gold River Express Ltd.

Goralta Oilfield Supply Ltd.

Griffith Oil Tool

Guardian Oilfield Services

H&R Drilling Inc.

H.G. Caterers

Hi Quality Machine

Hi- Tech Seals Inc.

Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd.

Hi-Tech Seals Inc.

Holman's Hot Shot Services

Hydra-Group Ltd.

Imperial Rubber & Urethane Corp.

Import Tool Corp.

Ja-Co Welding & Consulting Ltd.

Jade Drilling Inc.

Jet Lube

Koch Exploration 

Lagore Brothers Drilling Services 


Leeway Heavy Oil Ltd.

Li-Ron Oilfield Sales & Service

Logco Wireline Services

Lordoug and Sons Enterprises

LRG Oilfield Services Ltd.

Lyden Transport

Macbernal Recycling System Ltd.

Mackenzie Caterers (1984) Ltd.

Major Pipe & Supply Ltd.

Marlex Energy Services Company

Mayco Electric Ltd.

McGinnis Rathole

Mid-West Drilling

MilCorp Industries Ltd.

Millennium Satellite Inc.

Moberley Agencies

Modern Tool Ltd. 

Morgan Oilfield Services

Morgex Insurance

Mullen Transport 

My-Dawn Investments

Nabors Drilling Limited

National Oilwell - Dreco

Nisku Safety Supply & Services Ltd.

Northwest Transport Ltd.

Nowsco Well Servicing 

Oilco Services & Supply Ltd.

Oilfield Bearing International

Oiltools Canada Inc.

Oryx Industries Ltd.


Pac Seal Distribution Centre

Panama Enterprises (1990) Inc.

Parker-Hannifin (Canada) Inc.

Peacock Inc.

Pentastar Transportation

Phoenix Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd.

Polar Completions Engineering Ltd.

Premium Oilfield Inspection Services Ltd.

Pringle's Power Swivel Service Ltd.

Prism Flow Products Inc.

Pro-Tech Valve Sales Inc.

PTI Group Inc.

PVF Products Inc.

Quality Hard Chrome Plating Inc,

Quality Steel Foundries

R & R Stress Relieving Service Ltd

Raydan Manufacturing

Raydan Transport Ltd.

Red-L Distributors

Rig Service Tools Ltd.

Roberts Conductor Cable Ltd.

Rocky Mountain Energy Services

ROW Air Controls Service Ltd.

Royal Camp Services

Sandy's Oilfield Hauling Ltd.

Security DBS

Servco Oilfield Supply

Shelemey Insurance

Smith International

Southwest Oilfield Products (Alberta) Ltd.

Sperry-Sun Drilling Services

Stream-Flo Industries Ltd.

Strongco Supplies

Synergy Projects Ltd.

Tarn Marketing Ltd.

Team Rig & Supply Ltd.

Tesco / Gris Gun

The Rig Shop Limited

The Waggoners Trucking

Thomas Specialty Services

Topco Sales

Toran Power & Equipment Inc.

Trade Wind Promotional Sales

Tri-Bit Services Ltd.

Tri-Service Oilfield Manufacturing Ltd.

Tru-Gear Services Ltd.

Tuboscope Vetco Canada Inc.

Uni-Spec Inspection Services (Nova) Ltd.

United GeoCom Drilling Service

Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube (Canada) Inc.

Wadeco Oilfield Services Ltd.

Waterous DD.A.

Weatherford BMW Ltd.

Weatherford Canada Ltd.

Weatherford Products

Wes White Transport Ltd.

Weslen Holdings Ltd.

Western Atlas 

Western Rock Bit Co. Ltd.

Widel Dev. Ltd.

Wilkinson Steel & Metals

Wire Rope Industries



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