2006 Silent Auction Buyers

The Edmonton Oilfield Technical Society Board thank the following bidders for their generous purchases at our 6th Biennial Silent Auction. Without these individuals and companies opening up their wallets our auction would not be successful.

Adolf Schuh

Ali Brault

Arleigh Michaud

Barb Waddell


Barry Moore

Bernie Bianchi

Bev Moore

Blair Kennedy


Brad Moore

Brent Payne

Brian Gissell

Cam Miller


Carolyn Vaner

Dan Zimmer

Don Adams

Don Carruthers


Dwayne Letawksy

Ed Sulz

Elaine St Jean

Georg Eger


Henry Kilbach

Hughes Christensen

J. Trapp

Jim Thompson


Joan Richardson

Joey Keeping

Katherine Letawsky

Ken Franko


Kevin Bradshaw

Kurt Schroepfel

Lakota Drilling

Lance Hassy


Larry Owens

Larry Trapp

Leisa Affleck

Linda Smart


Lorraine Inkster

Lynn Clouds

Marc Mercier

Mark Hilton


P Vano

Paradise Welding

Pat Parsons

Paul Perras


Paul Wilson

Peter Ference

Randy Glazier

Rick Morawski


Ron Corkery

Rudy Gruger

S E Giles

S. Rodgers


Scott Kautz

Susan Baudin

Tania Maclean

Terri Richardson


Theresa M. Jarsil

Tim Hill

Tom May

Trace Applications


Trent Michaud

Trevor Cameron

Val Lesko

Wendy Carlin


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