2015 Flag Sponsors
Hole 1
Brama Carbide Sales & Service Inc.
Hole 2
Clean Habors Lodging Services.
Hole 3
Auburn Group
Hole 4
PV Fluid Products Ltd.
Hole 5
Cameron Drilling Systems
Hole 6
Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd.
Hole 7
Qualimet Inc.
Hole 8
Alberta Mobile Power Systems
Hole 9
Nabors Drilling
Hole 10
Horizon North Camps & Catering
Hole 11
Hi-Kalibre Equipment Ltd.
Hole 12
HiTek Urethane Ltd
Hole 13
Financial Services Group
Hole 14
Import Tool Corporation Ltd.
Hole 15
Trinidad Drilling Ltd.
Hole 16
Wenzel Downhole Ltd.
Hole 17
CRC Wellhead Supply Co. Ltd..
Hole 18
Akita Drilling Ltd.
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Updated on December 16, 2015 by Myron W. Myroon, CFP, CHS

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