The Edmonton Oilfield Technical Society thanks the following individuals and their companies for their donation of time to organize this tournament and all of our functions.
Rob Boyne
Halliburton Sperry Drilling
Myron Myroon
My-Dawn Financial
Craig Ferguson
PV Fluid Products Ltd.
Shane Lindsay
Katch Kan Limited
Candice Villard
Pacesetter Directional Drilling Ltd.
Kelly Collison
Summit Tubulars
Gil Benoit
Derrick Zimmer
Dan St. Germain
Innovative Mechanical Solutions Ltd.
Darrell Spencer
Commercial Solutions Inc.
Ed Winter
National Trailer Mfg. Ltd.
Mike Kittlitz
Plainsman Mfg. Inc.
Trevor Barker
Cameron Drilling Systems
Cole Needham
Horizon North Camps & Catering
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Updated on December 16, 2014 by Myron W. Myroon, CFP, CHS

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