2012 Flag Sponsors

Hole 1

Halliburton Sperry Drilling

Hole 2

Rise Promotions Ltd.

Hole 3

Denille Industries Ltd.

Hole 4

PV Fluid Products Ltd.

Hole 6

Pipeline Pigging Specialties Ltd.

Hole 7

Qualimet Inc.

Hole 8

Nabors Drilling

Hole 9

Trinidad Drilling Ltd.

Hole 10

North American Tubulars Ltd.

Hole 11


Hole 12

Sure Shot Hotshot & Pilot Services Inc.

Hole 13

Fluorotek Inc.

Hole 14

Renegade Oilfield Services

Hole 15

Seair Diffusion

Hole 16

Pentagon Freight Services Canada Ltd.

Hole 17


Flag 18

Akita Drilling Ltd.


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