The Edmonton Oilfield Technical Society
thanks the following individuals and their companies for their donation of time to organize this tournament and all of our functions.

Rob Boyne

Halliburton Sperry Drilling

Myron Myroon

My-Dawn Financial

Tim Reynar

Departure Energy Services Inc.

Craig Ferguson

PV Fluid Products Ltd.

Shane Lindsay

Rengen Rig

Candice Villard

Pentagon Freight Services Canada Ltd.

Kelly Collison

Western OCTG

Kevin Howard

Rhino Specialty Supply

Kevin Spiess

Sure Shot Hotshot & Pilot Services Inc.

Derrick Zimmer

North American Tubulars Ltd.

Dave Miller

Nabors Drilling

Darrell Spencer

Commercial Solutions Inc.

Dan St. Germain

Hi-Tech Seals Inc.

Mike Kittlitz

Plainsman Manufacturing Inc.

Ed Winter

National Trailer Mfg. Ltd.


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