2010 Hole Sponsors & Winners


Hole  Sponsor / Event Thursday Friday

1 Departure Energy Services Inc. Harold Kinasewich Shane Kerr
Longest putt (holed) Seair Septic Inc. NOV Coring Services

2 Fluorotek Inc. Nick Chomack Mike Dunn
All pars or better Kos Oilfiled Transportation Enerbuilt Technologies Inc.

3 AGS Group Inc. Daryl Klarenbach Bill Klotz
Closest to pin (tee shot) Weatherford Canada Partnership Topco Oilsite Products Ltd.

4 Force Inspection Inc. Troy Lorenson Eric Janisch
Longest Drive Yellow Arrow Oil Tools Ltd Titan Supply LP

5 Forum Canada ULC Ed Winter Randy Keller
Closest to pin (from any sandtrap) National Trailer Mfg. Ltd. LPS Laboratories

6 Polytec Urethanes Inc. Michael Chyzowski Bob Walker
On the green in Two Unalloy - IWRC Northwell Oilfield Hauling (09) Inc.

7 Cougar Tool Inc. Gordon Little Darren Weir
All 7's or more Force Inspection Inc. Dew-Rite Services Ltd.

8 National Trailer Mfg. Ltd. Lyle Filliol Mike Bristowe
All 5's or more Strata Energy Services Inc. Norwesco Industries (1983) Ltd.

9 Elite Compression Mike McAllister Bernie Bianchi
In trees on drive to right CS & M Pipe Services CanGlobal Products Ltd.

10 Peco Electrical Ltd. Gord Robb Chris Hughes
Shortest Drive Flint Tubular Management Services Ltd.  Control Drilling Service (1987) Ltd.

11 Cancen Oil Processors, Inc. Jay Huber Craig Banks
Out of bounds on Drive Hercules SLR (Western) BDC Ventures

12 Petro Carbon NDT Solutions Inc. Richard Prokopchuk Carter Rycroft
In water on drive NOV Coring Services Prairie West Ventures

13 Black Diamond Limited Partnership Mike McPhee Scott Busch
All pars or better Safety Coordination Services Inc. Pacesetter Directional

14 Shaw's Enterprises Ltd. Brandon Lyle Randy Rogers
Target Drive Packers Plus Telco Power & Battery

15 Sandy's Oilfield Hauling Ltd. Jeff Strank Monica Wood
In sand trap on drive Western Camp Services Ltd. Limey's Transport & Consulting Ltd.

16 Import Tool Corporation Ltd. Darren Ransome Dave Miller
All 3 putts or more Cratex Industries Inc. Nabors Drilling

17 Beaver Drilling Ltd. Neil Kautz Mike Lutomsky
Closest to pin (in 2 shots) Capital Oilfield Equipment Inc. Jay-Vee Industries

18 Hi-Tech Seals Inc. Gil Benoit Tim Holman
In tree to left on drive Communications 2000 Inc. Trinidad Drilling Ltd.

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