2005 Flight Sponsors

25th Flight Murray's Trucking
24th Flight Alco Hydra Group Ltd.
23rd Flight Micoda Process Systems Inc.
22nd Flight Creative Carbide Works Ltd.
21st Flight Lory's Oilfield Rentals
20th Flight Can-Con Gas Services Ltd.
19th Flight Pentastar Energy Services Ltd.
18th Flight Acklands - Grainger Inc.
17th Flight Westlund Industrial Supply Ltd.
16th Flight Weatherford Canada Ltd.
15th Flight Premium Oilfield Inspection Service Ltd.
14th Flight D-Valves Ltd.
13th Flight Chimo Equipment NOV
12th Flight Smith Services Canada
11th Flight Halliburton / Sperry Drilling Services
10th Flight Capital Oilfield Equipment Ltd.
9th Flight Topco Oilsite Products
8th Flight Mullen Trucking Ltd.
7th Flight Strata Energy Services Inc.
6th Flight Phoenix Oilfield Hauling Ltd.
5th Flight Chandel Equipment Rentals
4th Flight Rig Products Inc.
3rd Flight Toran Power & Equipment Ltd.
2nd Flight Impact Oilfeild Supply Ltd.
1st Flight Decarson Rentals.
Championship Flight Nabors Drilling Limited

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