2003 Hole Sponsors & Winners

Hole # Sponsor Competition Day 1 Winner Day 2 Winner
Hole # 1 Precision Drilling, Yard #2 Longest Putt (Holed) Glenn Rabby Walter Hopf
Hole # 2 Imperial Rubber & Urethane Corp. All Pars or Better Russel Messer Randy Cartier
Hole # 3 AGS Group Inc. Closest ot the Pin
(Tee Shot)
Joe Marshall Brian Banks
Hole # 4 Baker Hughes Inteq In Sand Trap on Drive Jerome Mastel Lance Swain
Hole # 5 NQL Black Max Downhole Tools In the Green Side Bunder Jerome Terletski Bod Pond
Hole # 6 Saturn Drilling Inc. On the Green in Two Rob Boyne Ken Shipalesky
Hole # 7 Cougar Tool Inc. All 7's or More Curtis Colesnutt Ron Nielsen
Hole # 8 Alta-Fab Structures Ltd. All 5's or More Bill Gerlock Claude Myles
Hole # 9 Corion Diamond Products T-Shot Out of Bounds
on Right
Chris Wills Jim Whitaker
Hole # 10 Raydan Transport Ltd. Shortest Drive Don Houff Todd Reinhart
Hole # 11 Marlex Energy Services Company
- a Gammaloy Company
All T-shots in Bunker Mike Boyd Brian Bisbane
Hole # 12 The Rig Shop Ltd. On Green in Two Shawn Tracy Larry Hewitt
Hole # 13 Classic Well Servicing Ltd. All Birds or Better Martin Langan Marvin Schmutz
Hole # 14 Rocky Mountian Energy Services Closest to the Pin Brad Moore Terry Thomas
Hole # 15 Direct Horizontal Drilling Ltd. Longest Drive Kevin Burton Shawn Roles
Hole # 16 Import Tool Corporation Ltd. Target Drive Graham Challand Hugh Munroe
Hole # 17 Beaver Drilling Ltd. Closest to the Pin
(In 2 Shots)
Garry Fortier Myron Myroon
Hole # 18 LRG Catering Ltd. In Water on Second Shot Craig Banks Georg Eger

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