2014 Flight Sponsors
Championship Flight Nabors Drilling
Flight 1 Decarson Rentals
Flight 2 Commercial Solutions Inc.
Flight 3 Mustang Controls Ltd.
Flight 4 Thread Protectors Specialties & Recycling Ltd.
Flight 5 Titan Tubular Solutions Ltd.
Flight 6 Lory Oilfield Rentals Inc.
Flight 7 Spur Oilfield Services Ltd.
Flight 8 Mullen Oilfield Services LP
Flight 9 Zedcor Oilfield Rentals
Flight 10 Clean Harbors Lodging Services
Flight 11 Edmonton OTS
Flight 12 Accurate Oilfield Supply Ltd.
Flight 13 Varco Canada ULC
Flight 14 D-Valves Ltd.
Flight 15 URS Flint
Flight 16 Stene Bros. Oilfield Hauling Inc.
Flight 17 Safety Coordination Services Inc.
Flight 18 Edmonton OTS
Flight 19 Cole International Inc.
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Updated on December 16, 2014 by Myron W. Myroon, CFP, CHS

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